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Below are some questions we quite often initially get asked.  If you've a question that's not listed please contact us today for an answer.



What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a technique that helps people to achieve a heightened state of awareness and focussed attention.  Hypnotherapists can create this effect using descriptive words and imagery that aim to produce and promote feelings of warmth and positive wellbeing in the mind of the person who is being hypnotised.

If you've ever daydreamed and later thought time had passed very quickly; or 'tuned-out' while travelling and arrived at your destination without remembering much of the journey.  The likelihood is you'll have experienced a perfectly normal (self-induced) hypnotic trance.

Being hypnotised feels like being in that partially awake, dream-like state we all experience between being fully (consciously) awake and fully (unconsciously) asleep.  The only difference between the self-induced hypnosis we naturally experience before we fall asleep or wake up, and the relaxed state Hypnotherapists can help us to achieve.  Is that a Hypnotherapist can keep us fully aware of our surroundings and thoughts even though we are in the semi-conscious stage between consciousness and unconsciousness; which is the 'space' in our brain where our sub-conscious mind records and re-plays (in endless loops) all the helpful and unhelpful memories that we collect during our lifetime.


In a metaphorical sense a Hypnotherapist's role is to help people when they're in this  perfectly natural, relaxed and dream-like state.  To 'overwrite' any unhelpful 'recordings' that their sub-conscious mind has 'written' onto their 'hard-drive' brain, and replace them with positive and purposeful new 'tracks' that are more empowering and helpful to them. 


Is Hypnosis safe?


For over 200 years Hypnosis has been practiced in medicine by physicians and therapists to treat a broad range of physical, psychological and emotional disorders; with its analgesic pain relieving properties having originally being used (before the advent and widespread availability of anaesthetics), to assist in the delivery of surgical operations and childbirth.


The only unplanned event that can sometimes happen during a Hypnotherapy session is that a person can become so relaxed they fall asleep!  But this rare event does not mean there is a problem, but instead suggests that the person being hypnotised is simply tired!

When people are hypnotised they are not only fully aware of what's happening to them, more importantly they can choose to become fully awake at any point during their hypnotherapy session should they so desire or a need arise (e.g. if a fire alarm sounded, etc).

What does 'Solution Focused' mean?

'Solution Focused' is a proven psychological technique that enables people to make positive and purposeful changes in their lives in relatively short periods of time.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists focus on what a Client wants to achieve (the solution) rather than on whatever prompted them a visit (the problem).  This approach focuses on present and future events which can be changed, not past events which can't be changed.

Solution Focused Business, Career and Life Coaches focus on helping people to develop (in the here and now), the beliefs, behaviours, knowledge or skill that will help them achieve specific goals or outcomes they want to achieve, using a positive psychology approach.


What happens during the initial Diagnostic Consultation?


The Diagnostic Consultation gives you an opportunity to meet your professional Therapist or Coach in order to discuss how they can help you achieve the outcome that you seek.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Coaching conversations don't dwell on the causes of a problem, but instead focus on how you want things to be different in the future.

While no Treatment or Coaching takes place during the initial Diagnostic Consultation you will be asked some questions and may be asked to complete relevant questionnaires to assist in the general diagnostic process.  This session is often considered by new Clients to be a very uplifting experience and many often leave feeling more optimistic and positive about the future than when they first arrived.

During a Hypnotherapy diagnostic consultation you'll receive a tailored explanation of how the mind and hypnotherapy works and will receive an MP3 or CD to take home with you to support you in your treatment.

During a Coaching diagnostic consultation you'll receive a copy of the Coaching Contract and a Personal Development Plan, both of which documents being designed to help keep you focused on accomplishing the goals that you set out to achieve.  

How many Sessions will I need to attend?

 The number of sessions that you'll need to attend is discussed during the initial Diagnostic Consultation session and will depend on the outcomes that you want to achieve. 

It is important to note that you are always in control of how many sessions you attend, but as a rough guideline the timescales for Hypnotherapy treatments are generally as follows:

  • Specific phobias can be addressed in about 4 sessions (1 of which being the Diagnostic).

  • The treatment of stress or anxiety related issues usually takes between 6-12 sessions.

  • Overcoming self-image, self-confidence or self-esteem issues about 7-10 sessions.  

  • Depression or Syndromes may take over 8 - 12 sessions and is issue dependent.

  • Smoking cessation is a 'one off' 2 hour session, that requires no diagnostic consultation.

The number of Coaching sessions you might need for a specific Business, Work-Life or Career crossroad issue will very much depend on your own timeline for goal achievement.

Where is The Highridge Hypnotherapy Practice?

 We are conveniently located in a beautiful part of the world where the borders of Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire meet.

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