Our Practitioners are specialists in their respective fields who share a professional passion in using a 'Solution-Focused' approach when helping people to solve a variety of perplexing Work-Life problems.

Linda Peters 


CNHC (Reg), MNCH (Reg)

As a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Linda is able to offer Clients a range of proven Hypno-therapeutic techniques that can safely and effectively address a variety of emotional, psychological and psychosomatic conditions.


In addition to her general practitioner work, Linda specialises in helping children (ages 10 to 15) and young adults (ages 16 to 20) to overcome their fears, phobias, nerves and anxieties.

Linda is a also a Licenced Personality DNA ® Coach and is qualified in the administration and interpretation of the LEAD Influencer® series of personality instruments; in addition to several other career, self-awareness & personal development profiles that can be used to help people address a variety of Work-Life balance, Career choice or Career crossroad issues.

Linda spent the first 26 years of her career working with children in schools, helping them to present a positive and confident image of themselves.  Linda is Advanced DBS (CRB) cleared to work with young children and vulnerable adults, is trained in counselling skills, and is professionally insured, supervised and practitioner registered.   

Wayne Thomas


Wayne has worked as an international Business Coach and Facilitator since 1996, but spent the first 15 years of his career in a variety of strategic and operational roles in the military before spending 2 years as an Executive recruiter for the UN and 2 years as Director of an international educational charity. 

Apart from being a Consultant Practitioner at The Highridge Hypnotherapy Practice specialising in 'Solution Focused' Business and Career coaching interventions.  Wayne is also Director of Coaching for Matrix Training and Coaching Ltd (www.matrixtc.com), consulting and working globally with C-Suite Executive Leadership and Management Teams.

Wayne is a Licenced Personality DNA® Coach and is qualified in the administration & interpretation of the LEAD Influencer® series of personality profiling instruments; The Political Intelligence Profile™; The Matrix and Complex Environment Leadership Diagnostic Report™; The NEO P-IR™; The Strengths Deployment Inventory™; and several other proprietary psychometric and personal preference based personality & workplace assessment type instruments; in addition to all those that fall under British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A & B Certificates in Occupational Testing.




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